This page is bit about me and how the www.health-choices-for-life.com website came into being with its recurrent theme of "Healthy by Nature".

My deep interest in what makes us human beings “tick” goes back over a decade when a series of events made me want to learn what contributes to optimal health and the choices we must make to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As with most people, my own health issues and a growing feeling that there had to be a better approach than prescription drugs for the long term led me to a quest for knowledge and understanding of this condition we call health.

The Health-Choices-for-Life.com website was launched for the sole purpose of sharing what I have learned about the subject with anyone having the same interests and joy of learning as me. I am responsible for the content of the site but nothing in it is intended to be used in place of qualified medical care for any health issue.

About the Subject of Health...

I am not a doctor nor am I employed as a healthcare provider. Thus the information provided comes from extensive personal research and I have made every effort to give credit to those whose courses, articles, medical newsletters and work has contributed to my education.

The subject of health is an extremely broad area both in scope and depth so in keeping with the theme of natural health, site divisions were set up to address nutrition, environmental impacts, life-style factors, and weight management.

In addition, sections are included to provide a tour of the key systems that allow our bodies to function, a look at the traditional approach to U.S. healthcare, an examination of some of the top health challenges and finally a discussion of the various aspects of complementary and alternative medicine.

The Interest Grows...
and the Passion Sets In!

After seeing the results of good nutrition, smart supplementation and strategic lifestyle changes, my thirst for more knowledge about the areas of human anatomy, physiology and pathology mushroomed.

Prior to making the healthy adjustments, I was taking six or seven prescription drugs for various ailments. Before a year of living a more healthy lifestyle had elapsed, I was off all prescription drugs and only taking an over the counter remedy for occasional sinus headaches.

It was becoming clear that the body has incredible powers to heal itself if it is given all the right nutrients and I wanted to learn more about the natural approach to health

This is a quest that continues to this day and the purpose of this website is to share my findings and help others come to an understanding of how lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental stimulation, laughter, stress reduction and weight control can all lead to an unimaginable quality of life and joy of living.

I am a strong believer that the road to good health lies in a combination of allotropic (traditional) medicine and alternative (natural) medicine; all lumped under the umbrella of "integrative medicine" or CAM (conventional and alternative medicine).

Education is Key

Make no mistake, no one is responsible for our health except ourselves. Good health is the ultimate responsibility of the individual and education is the key to making the right lifestyle decisions. In fact, the key to real healthcare reform is in learning about how to take charge of our own health.

We emphatically believe that health is NOT a fundamental right to be underwritten by the taxpayers. Health is a personal responsibility wherein good or optimal health is the result of a myriad of personal choices that we make as we go through life.

If you disagree, then you are invited to click on the Capitalism.org link and take the educational tour on their web site to learn about individual rights, liberties and personal responsibility.

Today my passion is on the bio-sciences, particularly in how we get sick and how we heal. I have spent the last four years immersed in a series of self-study courses covering human anatomy and physiology, neurology, genetics, cell biology and health through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

I strongly believe that our current factory farming methods of growing meat, poultry, dairy and the evolution of large mono-cultured GMO crops coupled with the fast food industry has seriously degraded our health and the environment. As such, I strongly support smart, targeted dietary supplementation which I promote to anyone who will listen.

Most of the courses mentioned above were from The Great Courses, a Virginia based firm that offers university level courses in DVD or downloadable format; not for credit, just for the joy of learning.

Click on "The Great Courses" button below and explore their offerings. It is really awesome!

This website will never be "finished" since something new seems to come along every day. It will always be a work in process, being updated periodically with new sections and blog entries added whenever something new or interesting grabs my attention. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying creating it.

Photo: Richard, the "Healthy by Nature" website creator at Kelly's Caribbean Bar, Grill and Brewery in Key West...a neat place to visit next time you're in the Keys. That's really iced tea on the table.

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