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Apr 20, 2017

Does Coffee Count as Water?

I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately and it got me wondering if all that coffee counts toward my 8 glasses of water a day.

It turns out that the 8 glasses of water is more of suggested average quantity based on a non-existent average person. Everybody is different so our needs are very different as well.

Well, now the experts are saying that coffee is an excellent choice, especially if consumed unsweetened. It is vastly superior to soda and anything containing high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners.

So coffee has water and it counts; fruits and vegetables contain water and they count, even beer counts although drinking eight glasses of beer a day for hydration probably isn't a good idea.

Coffee was long thought to lower water levels in the body but testing done on 50 men who drank coffee and 50 who drank water showed no difference in their water retention.

The downside has nothing to do with water retention. Drinking regular coffee in the late afternoon of evening may interfere with your required eight hours of sleep per night and that is not a good thing. It may also cause one to get up several times during the night to drain the old bladder, also not good for your uninterrupted sleep.

So enjoy your coffee and there's no better coffee to be found than from Cafe Britt, one of our honored affiliates. Give them a whirl.

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Feb 05, 2017

Introducing a New Friend and a New Affiliate

This is a short blog to introduce visitors to a new friend of the site and a new affiliate.

The new friend is Helen Nichols who is the creator of a wonderful site dedicated to living the healthful life. Do yourself a favor and visit her site called Well-Being Secrets. You'll be glad you did.

The new affiliate to Healthy-By-Nature is none other than GORUCK. Yes, you have seen them advertised everywhere and now you can access them here. Need a back pack, a bug-out bag, computer bag, airline carry-on or any other type of gear? Get it here.

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Jan 29, 2017

Bird Flu Update: It's On the Way.

Apparently it's time to start thinking about flu prevention and treatment. This is not your ordinary seasonal flu for which we are all urged to get our flu shots, never-mind that they only work about 30% of the time.

This is a strain of bird known as H5N6 and it's cousin H5N8 that has already killed over 32 million chickens in South Korea and has jumped to cats. Feral cats should be pretty efficient vectors for bird flu.

In addition, the cousin has spread from Spain to Russia as well as China. The virus is mostly carried country to country by migrating birds but also can be carried on truck tires, workers clothing and even dust particles.

Two cases have shown up in wild ducks in Alaska and Montana so it is definitely on the way. The experts who study flu outbreaks admit that it is a significant threat to North American wild birds and poultry and "we need to be watching out for it".

Wow, you think? This stuff can and does kill people so keep your immune systems in peak shape, wash hands frequently, cover your coughs and lay in a supply of surgical masks.

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Jan 23, 2017

2017 Thoughts on Getting a Flu Shot

A couple of months ago signs started popping up everywhere telling us to get our flu shot. Maybe it's time to think twice about getting that annual shot.

Why not get a flu shot? Mostly because year after year, their effectiveness continues to decline. Unbelievably, the CDC is now advising not to give children the live virus nasal spray FluMist. In the 2015/2016 flu season it was a total flop, having a failure rate of 97%.

A few other tidbits are that the flu vaccine may increase the risk of contracting more serious flu strains such as H1N1, swine flu. The more frequently we get a flu shot, the less effective it becomes. The greatest protection against the flu was seen in those who had not received the vaccine in the prior 5 years.

There can be serious side effects. For example, people taking statin drugs showed a marked decrease in their immune systems ability to respond to the vaccine. Even worse is that there is a small risk of getting Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) resulting in a permanent disability. It is a rare occurrence but it can happen.

The bottom line is that the number of deaths from the flu are in the hundreds, not the thousands that is frequently quoted meaning that it is a low-risk disease to warrant a massive vaccination campaign. Perhaps it's better just to keep your immune system in peak condition, wash your hands and cover your coughs.

For more information you could go to Dr. Joseph Mercola's October 11, 2016 blog titled, "Flu Vaccine Effectiveness in Question".

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Oct 21, 2016

Live Superfoods Special Offers

Our premier affiliate, Live Superfoods, has come out with some very attractive discounts and free shipping offers through midnight November 18, 2016.

To take advantage of these offers, click the links below to get the details.

LSF10 - 10% off all Live Superfoods brand products


$5 off $50+ orders, use code SAVE5.

The Live Superfoods website is huge with hundreds of product offerings so take your time, surf the site, click on the menus and see what appeals to you.There is something there for everyone.

The link below will take you to our sites Affiliate Mall where you will find all of our affiliate directory including Live Superfoods.

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Aug 21, 2016

The Future of Food

On October 7th and 8th, 2016, the Humane Society of the United States will be presenting their 2-day landmark Future of Food program at the JW Marriott at 1331 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Washington, DC.

Please click the link above to see the complete agenda, speakers, events and registration information.

It has been said that whoever controls the food supply, controls the people. If you accept that, and I do, it is imperative that we learn all we can about our food supply and how we, as individuals, can do our part for sustainability, health, security and freedom of choice in the food we consume.

There has to be something better than factory farmed meat, eggs and dairy; highly processed fast food; a mono-culture of GMO crops drowned in herbicides and pesticides and a consortium of huge corporations that own and control it all. Hopefully, the HSUS program will provide some hope and direction.

Attend it you are able. It is just a little more than a month away so secure your spot early.

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Aug 15, 2016

Consumer Reports Exposed (Again)

The war on dietary supplements is alive and well. For years the pharmaceutical industry has been lobbying to get supplements regulated and tested the same as prescription drugs. Of course their argument is that drugs are safer than supplements because they have so much FDA oversight.

There has never been a bigger load of horse pucky put out as fact. All you have to do is follow the money. Just a few years ago in 2014, the dietary supplement industry reached $37 billion and 68% of the U.S. population were supplement users. Wouldn't the pharmaceutical industry just love to have that market under their control and have supplements available by prescription only and at prices equivalent to drugs.

Well, the drug makers have a lot of money and for years they have spent it lavishly to buy congressmen, hire ex-FDA officials at wonderful salaries and influence the media through their drug advertising.

It looks like Consumer Reports is no longer the objective publication we thought it was. They have jumped on the bandwagon against dietary supplements in a most shameless way.

The July 27,2016 Consumer Reports contains a 15 page report titled "Supplements Can Make You Sick". It parroted similar hit pieces from the NY Times, PBS's Frontline and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

What set the Consumer Reports article apart was that it was claimed to be based on a panel of experts they assembled. Prominent on the panel were some of the most biased, anti-supplement, pharmaceutical shills money could buy. Do the names Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Pieter Cohen or Dr. Marvin Lipman sound familiar? They should if you follow the war on supplements that these three in particular have been waging for years while collecting huge sums from various drug companies.

So given that, it is clear that Consumer Reports has shown their lack of objectivity and hopefully they will pay the price in cancelled subscriptions and falling new ones.

If you want the complete story visit Dr. Joseph Mercola's blog of August 9, 2016 and if you're not already a subscriber, sign up; it's free. You'll be glad you did.

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Apr 18, 2016

Summer's Coming. Protect Those Kidneys.

Summer is almost upon us and in much of the U.S. temperatures are already in the 90's. That means higher body temperatures, more sweating and a greater need for more water in our bodies.

When it comes to health, water and kidneys go together. The subject at hand is kidney stones and if you ever had one, you won't want to repeat the experience.

As our internal systems try to cleanse themselves they flush out excess minerals in our urine. If we don't have enough water intake, those minerals tend to crystallize and eventually form stones in the kidneys.

The pain is exquisite but can be prevented to a certain extent. There are different types of kidney stones and various causes but mostly they form due to not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated.

Prevention is the key and it is fairly simple but takes some thought. If we drink plenty of water, get enough magnesium, avoid sugar and sodas, exercise and, strange as it sounds, eat foods containing calcium, we can lower our risk of stones significantly.

Although calcium is a major component of kidney stones, avoiding calcium may increase the risk since it can block a chemical process that causes the formation of kidney stones.

Over the last 30 years, the number of incidences of kidney stones has risen dramatically, most likely to to high sugar in our diets, refined foods, a sedentary lifestyle and not drinking enough water.

Take care of those kidneys and live a healthy, comfortable life.

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Apr 07, 2016

Going to the Hospital? Got Life Insurance?

Considering the rise of antibiotic resistant bugs, are hospitals taking note and getting any safer?

Not according to a blog from Dr. Joseph Mercola on April 5, 2016. It is titled, "Reality Check - Hospital Stay is 10 Times More Likely to Kill You than a Motor Vehicle Crash".

This is backed up by a 2013 study that showed that "preventable medical errors kill around 440,000 patients each year - that's more than 10 times the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes".

Currently, figures show that only 6% of hospitals get top scores for prevention of drug resistant infections.

In the Dr. Mercola blog referenced above is a great video that illustrates the magnitude of the problem and how really easy it is to fix it. It mostly comes down to good hand washing habits and hospital staff rigorously disinfecting every surface in the hospital room. The video can be accessed at Six Ways to Protect Yourself in the Hospital.

This is serious business and must be taken seriously by all concerned.

I recently went though several weeks of rehab to regain flexibility in my hand following surgery. It was gratifying to see that after each exercise handling the equipment, the physical therapist would squirt some disinfectant on my hands and make me rub it in before going on to the next exercise. They get it, do you?

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Apr 02, 2016

Revisiting Dietary Fiber

A lot has been written about the importance of getting an adequate amount of fiber in our daily diet. If we thought we knew everything about the effects of fiber on our health, think again. As time goes on, more and more discoveries are being made amount how really important lowly fiber is to our overall health.

We now know that low levels of daily fiber intake can damage not only our own health but that of our children and even grandchildren. What happens is that the diversity of flora in our gut is greatly diminished and it gets passed on to our offspring.

Once the population of flora declines, it is very hard to repopulate, short of a fecal implant.

The key to maintaining a health gut flora is fairly simple; eat more veggies, fruit and legumes and less, a lot less, processed food. Exercise helps, avoid heartburn pills, avoid antibiotics if at all possible and take a daily serving of psyllium, also known as Metamucil.

Read more about dietary fiber on our webpage using the link below.

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Feb 12, 2016

It's February...Must be Heart Health Month

Since Valentine's Day falls on February 14th, it figures that February would be Heart Health month.

To commemorate the occasion, our affiliate, Walk-In-Lab, is offering their heart health panels at 20% off through the 29th. Yes, they want all of us to get our old tickers checked to be sure we're in tip-top shape; or if not, take action to get it there.

Click 20% off Heart Health Panels Code: CUPID20% to visit their website and get the details.

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Feb 04, 2016

Free Range, Natural and Family Farmed

Tastes in food are changing fast. Healthy eating is taking hold and it's here to stay, in fact it could be called a groundswell.

How can anyone not notice that more supermarkets are putting in organic and natural food sections, farmers markets are proliferating across the country, the anti-GMO movement is picking up steam and fast food joints are losing customers in spite of adding so-called healthy choices to their menus.

Given all that, we have added four new affiliates to the website, all devoted to raising beef, pork, poultry and fish naturally, cleanly and humanely.

You will see their banner ads and links scattered throughout the site and in the affiliate mall under the heading "The Affiliate Marketplace's Pastured, Free Range Meat".

The additions are:
1. Eat To Grow specializing in bringing the world's best protein to bodybuilders,
2. Fossil Farms specializing in exotic meats and game,
3. Snake River Farms dedicated to Wagyu/Angus cattle and Berkshire hogs, and
4. Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics

This is the future of meat. Factory farming in unsustainable. Join the crowd, eat organic, natural and humane and live.

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Jan 28, 2016

Fiber, Microbiome and Health

It is absolutely astounding how much new information about our microbiome is coming to light of late. The 100 trillion or so microbes living in our GI tract really do have a function and it turns out that their main purpose is keeping us healthy.

So why do so many people get sick? The simple answer, and one that hopefully will spur you to do some research on the matter, is that if our gut bacteria is healthy, we are healthy.

Gut bacteria have to be fed and their favorite food is complex carbohydrates derived from fibrous fruit, vegetables and legumes. If we don't eat enough of it, the little bugs get hungry and then start to feed on the mucus lining our intestines.

Sooner or later that brings them in contact with the lining in our gut which the immune system doesn't like. This triggers an autoimmune reaction that leads to any number of autoimmune diseases.

Follow the link below to the page on dietary fiber and watch the recent video just added to the page. It will give you a college level course on the subject in 44 minutes.

Eat your fruit, veggies and beans, live long and prosper.

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Nov 28, 2015

Organic Buttercroft Bacon Finally Went on Sale

Black Friday has come and gone but it looks like the folks at Tendergrass Farms didn't get the word.

They have just announced a 50% off sale on their incredible Organic Buttercroft Bacon and it runs through Cyber Monday week; right, not much time left to get the sale price.

To see what it is that they have offered, go to Organic Buttercroft Bacon and see what you have been missing.

Be sure to read the delivery provisos. This product is in extremely high demand and you won't get it next week. This bacon is not prepackaged and ready to deliver "off-the-shelf".

As you will see, it is very specially prepared. Depending on when they get your order, it could take 30 days to brine, smoke, slice, package, freeze, and ship your order of bacon (along with any other items you order).

It will be worth the wait and if you are not familiar with Tendergrass Farms, spend some time on their site.

This is what organic, pasture-raised, family farmed, humanely slaughtered meat looks like.

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Oct 17, 2015

How to Create a Killer

Psychotrophic, antidepressant and ADHD drugs are one of the most prescribed classes of drugs for kids in the U.S. If kids act up in school, give them a drug. If a kid gets depressed, give him a drug. If your kid is rebellious against your parental authority, give him a drug.

You know the names; think Adderal, Effexor, Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Risperdal, Xanax, Zoloft, and the list goes on.

OK, so what. The so what is that around 90% of school shootings over the last 10 years, were linked to a class of antidepressants called SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Politicians like to say that the solution is simple...just confiscate all the guns and we won't have anymore school shootings. That may be true but we would still have mass school deaths and non-school killings by other means.

There is a long list of multiple killings by people on prescribed psychotropic drugs where knives, swords, clubs, axes, hammers, and the like were used.

Whats the message? Guns don't kill people; psychotropic drugs and the doctors that prescribe them kill people.

Politicians and the media are complicit since they don't dare come out against the drug companies that market this poison else they lose the millions of dollars that support their campaigns, lavish life style and profits, in the case of the media.

There are ways to overcome depression and hyperactivity without these drugs. It's time to wake up and face the truth and hold our elected officials accountable.

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Sep 21, 2015

Summer is on the Wane

Falling leaves and shorter days can only mean one thing...summer is on the way out.

That also means that our exposure to the sun will drop to almost zero. It's pretty much a given that over-exposure to the sun has serious implications for skin cancers but not enough exposure brings on its own set of health issues.

For maximum health we need the full light spectrum afforded by the sun, not only for vitamin D production but a host of other reasons as well.

My favorite health blogger, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has posted a wonderful article on the health benefits of optimal exposure to the sun. This time of year would be a good time to review it and heed its lessons.

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Jul 13, 2015

Avocados are Superfoods?

Ever thought of avocados as a superfood, especially one with anti-cancer properties, protecting the heart, controlling cholesterol and triglycerides, and numerous other benefits?

I didn't either until I started seeing a rash of published articles and studies pointing to the lowly avocado as just such a fruit. So it appears that the "alligator pear" is more than something to turn into guacamole for our salads and Mexican food.

Do yourself a favor and look into it. Learn to peel an avocado properly since most of its nutrients reside near the skin. How about an avocado smoothie? Try growing your own avocado tree from the seed.

Would an avocado a day, keep the doctor away? Maybe so. There is more than meets the eye to this fruit thus qualifying it as a superfood.

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Jun 18, 2015

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food could be the greatest danger facing farmers and consumers today. Learn why.

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Jun 18, 2015

The GMO Protection Racket is at it Again

This latest GMO alarm comes from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and involves a "call to action" to block H.R. 1599. This bill would prevent states from passing any laws calling for the labeling of GMO foods and reverse any GMO labeling laws already passed by state voters.

You can access the OCA "Call to Action" at "State's Rights to Label GMOs in Danger".

It seems to me that knowing how the food we are sold is grown, what's in it and how it may affect our health is a basic right, or should be. It is a fight worth fighting.

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Apr 06, 2015

Can Sleep Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's?

Can getting your eight hours or more of good quality sleep each night reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease? Recent studies would seem to indicate that sleep is critical to warding off Alzheimer's.

Our brains come equipped with a cleansing system called the glymphatic system but the catch is that it only works during deep sleep.

What it does is pump cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain's tissues where it flushes out waste products into the circulatory system and on to the liver where they are eliminated.

It appears that the glymphatic system's waste removal includes the beta-amyloids whose accumulation has been linked to Alzheimer's disease.

The University of Rochester Medical Center recently created two short videos on the subject and was kind enough to put them up on the web via YouTube. Dr. Joseph Mercola featured both of them in his daily blog of April 2, 2015. Both can be accessed here at: The Role of the Glymphatic System in Cleansing the Brain and

Sleep Drives Metabolic Clearance from the Adult Brain.

So let's get our 8 hours and take our coconut oil daily and we might have a fighting chance.

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