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The phrase, "prescription drug addiction", is not intended to imply that prescribed meds are addicting in the sense that nicotine or cocaine is addicting.

Try it, you'll like it

What is meant is that the industry spends a lot of money to make the general population think that prescription drugs are the one and only answer to a health issue. 

The last thing big pharma wants is for us to look at nutrition or lifestyle adjustments to fix our ills. 

Photo:  Try it, you'll like it.  If you do, you're mine for life.

So the bottom line is that they want to instill a prescription drug addiction mentality in us.  Don't ask your nutritionist, ask your doctor.

Prescription Drug Addiction carries some serious implications.  Supplements and other natural products like herbals can and do interact with prescription drugs, some foods and even each other on occasion. 

This is the main concern of the FDA when it comes to supplement products, well, except for protecting the pharmaceutical companies from competition.

A good reference book for anyone taking prescription meds is The Essential Herb-Drug-Vitamin Interaction Guide: The Safe Way to Use Medications and Supplements Together by Dr. George T. Grossberg and Barry Fox, Ph.D. Click on the link or book cover to pick up your copy from Amazon.

Another more comprehensive interaction guide is Mosby's Handbook of Drug-Herb & Drug-Supplement Interactions .

Again, you can click on the link or cover to take a look.

The big difference is that interactions of natural products are not even close to interactions between prescription drugs in terms of severity and damage done to the body. 

You don't read about natural supplements killing over 100,000 people every year as adverse reactions from properly prescribed prescription drugs do.  Just say no to the prescription drug addiction.

Botanicals or herbs shouldn't be lumped in with dietary supplements anyway.  When someone takes an herb, they are usually trying to cure something, that's why they call them "herbal remedies".

Generally when someone takes a dietary supplement, they are trying to maintain health, not cure something.  There probably ought to be a new category for herbals to separate them from dietary supplements.

There are numerous free tools online that allow us to check for interactions between drugs, foods, herbs and supplements.  If you are of the prescription drug addiction mindset, two that you might want to check out are:

WebMD's Drug Interaction Checker


There are many more on the web, these are just two that happened to show up high on Google's search engine.

It's best not to rely on just one interaction tool; run your meds through both tools and compare the results.  It's not unusual for one interaction tool to miss a conflict that would show up on the second interaction checker.  The prescription drug addiction lifestyle must be managed wisely.

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Big Pharma's War on Supplements

Big pharma doesn't want us kicking our prescription drug addiction.  They have gone to great lengths to perpetuate the myth that prescription drugs heal and supplements don't.

The madness of all the foregoing discussion is that nutritional supplements do rebuild the body and support its systems so that it can heal itself.   Prescription drugs cannot make that claim.  Even worse, every drug carries a set of side effects and interactions that can often prove fatal.

Pharmaceuticals do save lives and we would be in dire straits without them.  The “But” is that drug companies are not charitable organizations; they are in business to make a profit, make their shareholders smile and give big bonuses to their executives.  

The predictable result is that drugs are incredibly over prescribed, over marketed and over-priced. All of it designed to keep us on our prescription drug addiction mindset.

It cannot be denied that some drugs do heal.  Where would we be without antibiotics for example?  

Once upon a time antibiotics did cure bacterial infections but due to their being prescribed for every sniffle, cough and cold that came along, including viral infections for which they are useless, antibiotics have lost their efficacy and the bugs are winning.

Click here to navigate to a discussion of the Superbugs and what the future might hold.

Yet the FDA makes manufacturers of nutritional supplements state on the product label and in all advertisements that the supplement is not intended to cure, diagnose or mitigate any disease.

Furthermore they must clearly say that whatever statements are made about the supplement have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Just to make sure that no supplement maker threatens the drug establishment, stiff fines and penalties are imposed on both the manufacturer (in the case of direct sales marketing companies) and their associates if the slightest hint of a cure slips out. 

If any of your customers show any type of health improvement after taking your supplements, don't even think of putting it in a testimony.  According to the FDA that is a criminal offense. Wow, you might even end up on 20/20.

So much for freedom of speech.  I wonder what all that cost the drug companies and how many former FDA regulators now have cushy jobs with those companies or law firms that represent them?

Prescription Drug Addiction...
Don't Open Pandora's Box!

A pill of every ill; there's a better way

Remember the story in Greek mythology of Pandora's Box?  Actually it was a large jar that contained all the evils of the world.  She was told by Zeus not to open it but her curiosity got the better of her.  After all the evils were let loose upon the earth, it was discovered that at the very bottom of the jar, was hope.
The evils of having a prescription drug addiction mentality can be summed up by ten evils, or problems.  The ten problems with prescription drugs and being in a prescription drug addiction mindframe are:

  • Drugs are not natural, they are chemical creations
  • Because of problem No. 1, drugs interfere with proper functioning of various biological systems. Sometimes it is on purpose, sometimes not. This is the source of side effects.
  • If a patient is seeing different doctors for different problems, each doctor is in the dark as to what the other doctors have prescribed, unless the patient tells him; most patients don't have a clue what they are taking so don't discuss it with each doctor.
  • The effect of drugs on each other is cumulative. Do the math. Take one drug, generally no problem; take two drugs and there is a possible interaction. Take three and there is a potential six-way interaction. Take four and there is a possible twelve-way interaction; take five and risk a twenty-way interaction. There are people taking 12 to 14 prescription drugs a day. What a life they must be leading.
  • Drugs become a way of life. Because they mostly control symptoms and rarely cure the problem, we never get off the drugs. If I had high cholesterol or high blood pressure, I would rather find out why I had those conditions instead of grabbing a drug to control them. There are natural, dietary, life style changes that have proven very effective in maintaining good cardiovascular health.
  • Over time, many drugs tend to lose their efficacy and the dosage has to be increased.
  • Over time, bacteria that drugs are designed to kill develop resistance and the drugs no longer work, or the virus adapts to the drug and learns how to outsmart it.
  • Drugs tend to be misused, especially in nursing home environments. Over-medication of people in these facilities is a common occurrence.
  • Drugs are getting more and more expensive
  • Drugs are over-marketed and prescribed for non-intended off-label uses.
  • As an alternative to prescription drugs, see what the science of glycobiology is doing to restore and maintain health.

    Click on the Endowment for Medical Research banner below or the interactive link to the "Endowment".

    Your Source for News and Education in Glycomics - the science of sugars

    Seize the Hope, Act on the Hope,
    Realize the Hope

    The hope at the bottom of Pandora's Box has been repeated over and over throughout this whole website. 

    The hope is to enjoy an active lifestyle free of illness, without depending on prescription drugs, or worse having a prescription drug addiction.  The good news is that it's within everyone grasp.  So here is a recap of all the secrets to being Healthy by Nature with links to the appropriate web page.

    1. Nutrition matters; it is the key to everything. Eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and eat according to your genetic type being sure to emphasize low glycemic foods. 2. Water intake matters, drink smart. Get plenty of good, clean water and about the only way to do that these days is to filter it in your home. 3. Stress is a killer so manage it well. Don't let it get the best of you.

    4.Exercise keeps us young, vibrant and functioning. With our muscles, Respiratory System and Cardiovascular System it's a use it or lose it proposition.

    5. Sleep is crucial to stress management, rejuvenating the body, and good mental health. Eight hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep is vital. 6. Choose fat wisely. Eat plenty of the right essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, and shun the trans fats and saturated fats. Don't cut fat out of the diet, our brain, neurons and cells all need fat. 7. Get rid of the free radicals, limit exposure to toxins in the air and water and eat lots of foods rich in antioxidants as well as take a good antioxidant supplement. 8. Observe good weight management. Being over-weight and/or obese, is a national epidemic and is a basic root cause of diabetes. 9. Maintain good humor and laugh. Laughter heals. Turn off the nightly news, it's a real downer.

    10. Enjoy the sun; it is life giving. The key here is moderation...not too little, not too much, just right. Why? It's the prime vitamin D source.

    Wrapping Up the Pharmaceutical Industry and
    Kicking the Prescription Drug Addiction

    Ten things to do.  Yes, it's a lot but if your lifestyle is a mess, take them one or two at a time.

    Start by adopting healthy eating habits while carving out a little time each day for exercise.  Then look at the other eight and start phasing them in over time. 

    It took a lifetime to make a mess of your health, so it will take time to restore; but the key is to start.  Before you know it, you will have kicked the prescription drug addiction and be enjoying a wonderful quality of life.

    For your convenience, here's a search box for Amazon.com.  For example of your looking for books on "natural health" or "alternative medicine", just select "books" and type in the appropriate keywords.

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