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Home Page: Health is a Gift of Nature

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Nutrition Basics

Nutrition: Smart Choices for Optimal Nutrition
Nutrition: Essential Nutrients?
Nutrition: Food Pyramids
Nutrition: Dietary Reference Intakes (RDAs)
Nutrition: Hydration
Nutrition: Dietary Fiber
Probiotics: Intestinal Flora Vital to Life
Nutrition: Enzymes, the catalysts that make things happen

Nutrition Building Blocks

Nutrition: Vitamins
Nutrition: A word about vitamin supplements
Nutrition: Vitamin D3, the miracle worker
Nutrition: Folate, vitamin B9
Nutrition: Vitamin B12, A true multi-tasker
Nutrition: Essential Minerals for Health
Nutrition: Magnesium and Mg supplements
Nutrition: Selenium and its uses
Nutrition: Zinc and Zn supplementation
Nutrition: Amino Acids
Amino Acids: L-Arginine
Nutrition: Fats and Essential Fatty Acids
Nutrition: Phytonutrients
Nutrition: Phytosterols; think hormones
Nutrition: Antioxidants
Nutrition: Free radical basics
Nutrition: Essential Sugars

Sitemap for Algae and Seaweed Nutrients

Algae: From pond scum to nutrition
Spirulina: The blue-green alga miracle food
Chlorella: the detoxifying alga
Astaxanthin: the carotenoid anti-pollution alga
Seaweed: Superfood from the sea

Sitemap for Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements; a must for health
Dietary Supplements: Considerations before Supplementing
Dietary Supplements: Bioavailability - getting the goods to the cells
Dietary Supplements: The Essential Supplements
Dietary Supplements: CoQ10, A nutrient in an identity crisis
Dietary Supplements: Cinnamon, more than sticky buns
Dietary Supplements: Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant
Dietary Supplements: Grape Seed Extract, A powerhouse
Dietary Supplements: Omega-3, Keeping the balance
Dietary Supplements: Organic Coconut oil, keep your mind sharp.
Dietary Supplements: Resveratrol, the fruit of the vine
Dietary Supplements: Turmeric, Eastern spice of life
Dietary Supplements: Legislative Actions to Watch and Support

Sitemap for Why We Need to use Dietary Supplements

Lead in page to Why Supplement
Pharmaceutical effects on nutrient absorption
How food processing destroys nutrients
What farm and crop chemicals do to food
Effects of depleted soil on nutrient content of food
Pros and cons of Green Harvesting

Genetically Engineered Food (Frankenfood)

Introduction to Genetically Engineered Food
Why Food is Genetically Altered
Issues Surrounding GMO Crops
How to Avoid GMO Foods

Sugars and Carbohydrates

Sugars: Introduction to Carbohydrates
Sugars: Definition of Carbohydrates
Sugars: Natural Sugars
Sugars: Artificial Sweeteners
Sugars: Natural Sugar Substitutes for the Pink, Blue and Yellow
Sugars: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sitemap for Lifestyle Topics

Lifestyle: Quality of Life Equals Healthy Lifestyle
Lifestyle: Stress and Health

Lifestyle: Healthy Sleep is a Gift of Life
Sleep: The Patterns of Sleep Stages
Sleep: Sleep Disorders
Sleep: Neurological Physiology of Sleep

Lifestyle: Choosing Fitness for Heatlh

Lifestyle: Laughter and Health

Lifestyle: Forgiveness and Health

Lifestyle: Mental Acuity and Brain Fitness

Lifestyle: Substance Abuse; What it Does and How to Beat It

Weight Topics

Weight: Obesity and Health
Weight: Body Mass Index (BMI)
Weight: Fad Diets, How to Gain Weight
Weight: The Glycemic Index
Weight: Escalating U.S. Obesity Trends

Sitemap for Environmental Topics

Environment: Environmental Health

Environment: Water Health
Water: Agricultural Contamination of Water
Water: Industrial and Biosolid Water Pollution
Water: Pharmaceutical and Chemical Contamination of Water
Water: Self Protection from Contaminated Water

Air Quality: Linked to the fourth largest killer.

Sitemap for Human Anatomy Topics

Human Anatomy: Systemic Health begins with Cellular Health
Human Anatomy: Human Cell Physiology

Human Anatomy: The Cardiovascular System

Human Anatomy: The Respiratory System

Human Anatomy: The Digestive (Gastrointestinal) System
Celiac Disease and the Digestive System

Human Anatomy: The Endocrine System

Human Anatomy: The Immune System
Immune System: Innate Immunity
Immune System: Acquired Immunity

Our Nervous System: It's Who We Are and What We Do

Bones, Muscles and Joints: They move me!

U.S. Healthcare System Topics

U.S. Healthcare System: U.S. Healthcare is on Life Support
Obamacare: The new face of U.S. Healthcare
U.S. Healthcare System: Iatrogenic and Noscomial Threats
U.S. Healthcare System: Superbugs
U.S. Healthcare System: Doctors, Nurses and How to Talk to Them

U.S. Healthcare System:  The FDA

U.S. Healthcare System: FDA Overview
U.S. Healthcare System: FDA NDA Approval Process
U.S. Healthcare System: Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA)

The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Profits and Top Ten of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Marketing Tactics and Strategy of the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Influence Peddlers of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Generic Drugs: Growth and Scope
Getting Off Prescription Drugs, Kicking the Prescription Drug Addiction
Childhood vaccinations and the controversy surrounding them

Epidemiology; Lifestyle Disease Topics

Lifestyle Afflictions: Epidemiology

Lifestyle Afflictions: Allergies, a growing menace

Lifestyle Afflictions: Autoimmune Disorders

Lifestyle Afflictions: What is Cancer (1st of 6 pages)
Lifestyle Afflictions: Cancer Causes (2nd of 6 pages)
Lifestyle Afflictions: Cancer Statistics (3rd of 6 pages)
Lifestyle Afflictions: Cancer Research (4th of 6 pages)
Lifestyle Afflictions: Cancer Treatments (5th of 6 pages)
Lifestyle Afflictions: Cancer Prevention (6th of 6 pages)

Lifestyle Afflictions: Alzheimer's disease

Lifestyle Afflictions: Diabetes; Let's Reverse It!

Lifestyle Afflictions: Stroke: The Number 3 killer

Lifestyle Afflictions: Heart and Cardiovascular Disease, the No. 1 Killer.

Sitemap Guide to Self Help for Good Health

Alternative Medicine: The Future of Healthcare
Medicinal Herbs, handle with care
Green Tea: A Powerhouse of health
Green Tea Extract: Green Tea on Steroids
Home Remedies: Consider These First
Is Food Medicine; Can it Heal?


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